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John Robert Morgan

December 11, 1963- December 29, 2019

  • Obituary

    Morgan, John of Wyandotte. Age 56. Loving brother of Theresa, David, Diane, Rodney and Stephen. Loved by many nieces and nephews.

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  1. MC

    John was the most giving person i knew. He was doing good for others even at the last moments of his life. He was a beautiful genius that we were all lucky to know! He slipped away comfortably in his sleep with Liby at his side, off to be with Grammy forever! I love you John and will miss you every day! ❤

    Mary Craig
  2. RC

    I love you like a brother John. We will miss you dearly.

    Roy Craig
  3. SH

    I initially met John over 10 years ago as a friend of my wife's family. Over the last three years or so, I came to know him a little more working closely with him on a pet project of mine. I'd like to think we became friends in that short period of time. John was a very talented man but modest. He could tear an engine apart, diagnose computer problems, fix plumbing, and he was very skilled in electrical work. He would always patiently explain to you what he was doing and why. In my experience, he never cheated anybody and he did not try to take advantage of anyone either. John helped make my dream of getting my grandad's old car running come true. It would have never happened without him. I really appreciate all the time he put into doing that for me. I learned quite a bit from him and I am sure I am not the only one. I am very saddened that he has passed but I know it for the best. He was a good man. My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

    Sean Hobbs
  4. PA

    I am so sorry for your loss. John was a great and honest friend, was loved by many and will be terribly missed, Joe, my deceased husband, met him when he was employed at Car Tunes in Allen Park, MI and they remained friends until my husband passed. John took care of all my computer needs and thanked me for the opportunity. I introduced John and his IT talent to Grace Church in Allen Park MI and he set up their system. He met members there and worked on their personal computers upon request. I know his cat, Libby, will miss him terribly. Libby was actually his mother's cat. I know his friend, James, will miss him as well as Mike Kopey. I introduced Mike to John and they became friends immediately talking about cars, computers, home repairs, and the Navy. Mike has said more than once John is brilliant! John served his country and was proud he did. As a friend I am proud to have known him all these years. I can remember the first time I met him. I was having computer issues and my husband asked him to come over the house and take a look at it. Instant connection.

    Pat Abramczyk
  5. MK

    From: Kopey, M.D. SK1, U.S.N.R. To: Morgan, J.R., E.T.C., friends and customers Subject: Friendships and service performances John was a brilliant person who performed multi auto diagnostic services along with computer and multi domestic services. He truly had 4.0 performances and a personality without greed and conceit. He truly was an earthly gift to all of us from Jesus Christ. He will be truly missed; but eternal life can be ours through faith in Jesus Christ. Mike Kopey

    Mike Kopey
  6. PM

    John was always a great uncle. I could talk to him about anything. He was also willing and able to help anybody who asked. I’ll miss him and hope he’s resting in peace.

    Paul Morgan

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