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James Harris Guibord

November 19, 1946- May 11, 2020

  • Obituary

    Guibord, James of Southgate. Age 73. Loving father of Lisa (Jeff) Cole McClure and Allen Parish. Dear brother of Cheryl L. Vance and Larry Guibord.

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  1. LCM

    Jim Guibord. Geeb. My dad worked in a steel mill. He also worked as a carpenter. Some of his favorite work was building displays for the Detroit auto show. He would make things out of wood and metal in his garage. He loved planting stuff in his yard. He made beautiful chairs out of grape vines once and I tried to convince him to open a little shop. He once made his own hot tub. It didn't heat up - but he still called it the hot tub. He liked to take pictures. Thousands of pictures. He covered his basement walls and ceiling with them. There are pictures of family, the Hog Riding Fools, and tomatoes he grew. He has one room in his house with just pictures of me everywhere - along with things I made for him when I was a kid. He loved meatballs and tuna fish sandwiches. He drank Pepsi, exclusively. (Kinda embarrassing when a restaurant only had Coke products.) He loved watching horror movies on t.v. He loved the Red Wings, the Tigers, and the Lions. In that order. He loved Christmas. Decorating was his thing. Jumpy, light up snowmen that sing. He loved Roy Orbison and the Moody Blues. He loved Sue. His girlfriend of 25 years. (She passed away four years before him.) I have great memories of playing Euchre with them both and laughing our heads off. He adored his cats. And all cats. In the Detroit winters of 23 below, he'd set up an area in his garage for strays. He put an electric blanket in it and go out every 3 hours when the blanket would auto-shut off to turn it back on. All the kitties in the neighborhood knew him. He always told me he wished he was close with his siblings. A close-knit family eluded him, so his friends became family. I wish he could have known the three sons that we found with DNA testing. He was so nervous about it but the smile in his photo is from when he did get to meet his son, Allen, for the first time in August of last year. When I was little he loved to embarrass me in grocery stores by clucking like a chicken and strutting around. Little did he know, I wasn't embarrassed and loved it. Always a kid at heart. Thank you for lots of laughter. I will hold the memories in my heart, always. Lisa xo

    Lisa Cole McClure
  2. SP

    Jimmy, The girls and I will miss you so much. 43 yrs we have been in each others lives so far. You will always be in my life. Friends like you don't fall out of the tree so often. :-) I love you so much. Please slap Youngy on the head for me.

    Susie Phillips

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